can you build my seat pan? 

Nope. I do not build seat pans or modify them. My work begins when you send me a stock or custom made motorcycle seat pan that is in decent shape. If you need a custom pan made for you, please contact a local metalsmith/fabricator. If you're pretty handy, you might find that it's something you can do on your own. Some have even had seat pans made at local vocational schools. I work with all pans, whether they be metal, plastic, fiberglass or wood -- they just need to be in good shape. Good shape means minimal rust and no cracks. 

what's better: leather or vinyl? 

Leather is better, but I will work with both materials depending on my workload. Leather breathes, it gains character with riding and age and when taken care of properly, it is a superior material that can last for hundreds of years.

All that being said, the good thing about vinyl is that it's easy to clean and take care of, it's affordable, and many people are just going to confuse it for leather anyway.

how do I take care of my leather motorcycle seat? 

Leather motorcycle seats do require care, but probably not as much as everyone tells you. I condition every custom leather seat that leaves the shop with a USA-made, all-natural and nontoxic product that has a beeswax base. Beeswax won't break down in the elements and will build up its own waterproof layer overtime and with continued use.

Expect to condition your motorcycle seat at least once a season. Expect to bring your motorcycle seat inside to dry if it gets soaked. Expect your leather to change and gain character over time, while still retaining its strength and pliability. That's basically it. I include a detailed leather care sheet with every leather motorcycle seat project. 

can I add an image or logo to my seat? 

In many cases, yes. If it's simple, it might be something I can stitch into your seat cover myself. More complex designs can be sent out to be embroidered or laser engraved by a Maine business. Engravings can only be done on leather and certain types of leather at that. If you decide that you want your seat engraved or embroidered, it will add time and cost onto your project. 

I want a handtooled leather seat, can you do that? 

That depends. I may take on a hand-tooled project if your design and seat shape is simple. For an intricate design, you should seek out a leatherworker who specializes in veg tan leather motorcycle seats. 

do I have to tell you exactly how I want my seat to look? 

No, you don't really have to tell me anything beyond the color and the material. I am more than happy to take your motorcycle seat cover design in my own direction and make it look good. I will also happily work with your ideas, reference images and/or sketches.

But if all you know is "I hate diamonds" or "I like pleats" that's good for me. I can work with that.