Growing up in a small Waldo County town on the Penobscot River, my favorite thing to do was to sew alongside my mother. We had a vintage White machine in our tiny basement craft room. When I moved out of my parent’s house, I continued to truck a sewing machine around to every dingy apartment that I moved into -- often setting it up on my bed and using my hand to press the foot pedal when there wasn’t room for a table.

Another memory I have is riding to school on the back of my dad's '83 Sportster. I got my first bike at 25, a ’99 CRF150, which I used to build my confidence in the dirt of Downeast Maine. Today I ride a '09 BMW F650GS and a ’80 Honda CM400T. 

The word "maven" (mā-vən) is Yiddish in origin and means "someone who knows how." 

After years of self-teaching, I attended a vocational school to study custom auto upholstery, or "auto trimming." 

My love for motorcycles and sewing comes together in Maven, my one-woman custom upholstery business. And although I primarily work on moto seats, I'm also able to take on auto and marine projects as well.

I am proud to have built my 250-square foot shop in Washington County or "Downeast" Maine, USA. I strive to be as sustainable as possible in my business practices and donate all foam, vinyl and leather scraps to Goodwill. I source all materials within the U.S. and support Maine and New England suppliers. 

In addition to upholstery, I occasionally work as a freelance writer. You can read my essays and articles on