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custom - handcrafted - comfortable

handmade in maine, usa. shipped worldwide. 

Choosing custom means choosing something that no one else has. There are plenty of mass-produced seat covers out there, but a custom seat by MAVEN is one that could only be made in one place -- a small workshop in the middle of the woods in Downeast Maine. 

At MAVEN, your upholstery won't be pulled off a production line. It will be specifically designed for your machine, your tastes and your vision -- and with a passion and attention to detail that could only come from a small shop.

Custom motorcycle seats are the specialty, but automotive, marine and restaurant/commercial projects are welcomed and considered on a case-by-case basis.  For handmade leather accessories (custom orders welcome) check out the Maven Leather Shop


all you need is a seat pan to get started.

From there, you can add gel, replace your stock foam or have your stock seat sculpted into an entirely new shape. Whether you're working on a restoration, a custom build, or you just want to get through a ride without feeling like you've been straddling a 2x4 for the last 100 miles, there is something that MAVEN Seats & Upholstery can do for you. Get a free quote and get started today.